Success Stories


Mariah Partners In Careers


Mariah started in WorkFirst when she moved to Vancouver and became interested in the YouthBuild program. She was very successful in YouthBuild due to her natural interest and ability in construction, welding, diesel mechanics; among other trades.

Along with obtaining her NCCER certification through her hard work in YouthBuild, she has also completed her GED and the Pre-Apprenticeship program.

At the YouthBuild worksite, Mariah was introduced to L&M Brush Prairie Concrete, and in the short time of working with the company, they reached out to her to offer her the position they had open!




After a home situation in Missouri became too difficult to stay, Andrew moved to Vancouver three years ago. He was depressed and felt very unmotivated to work. He discovered Partners in Careers while surfing the web and read the posting for Career Academy.  He was called back the same day and agreed to attend the four workshops. 

His experience was a very positive one.  “This was the first time anyone has ever stuck with me and stood up for me” was how Andrew described the follow up he received even after the workshops were done. His perseverance and refusal to give up eventually lead him to being offered a job with Securitas.

He stated due to his increase in confidence through Career Academy, the new resume he put together and just the belief he had people who believed he could succeed, he is meeting his goals. He is saving for his own apartment and said for the first time, the future looks good.  What does it feel like to be back on his feet? “The paycheck is amazing” he said, with a smile.