Success Stories


Jade never attended high school. She did not experience a single day engaged in learning with her peers and working towards completing the requirements for a diploma.  When asked why she was never enrolled in high school, Jade explains that her mother “just never saw education as something important or needed.”

Jade enrolled in YouthBuild to complete her GED. Jade quickly became a leader in the YouthBuild classroom. She demonstrated strong leadership skills and became the go-to for other students in the class with questions, concerns, or needs. She was elected to Leadership Council by her peers and set forth to ensure the YouthBuild experience was great for all the students that were to follow. She has spent countless hours volunteering for different programs across our community and was eager to engage in any certification programs that would make her more employable and a competitive candidate in the job market.

In just under a year, Jade completed her GED and is now considering college with a career track in philosophy or environmental science. Jade never thought of herself as “college material” prior to her involvement in programming at Partners in Careers. She now knows that there are pathways for her to enter post-secondary education and that she has the skills and resources necessary to be successful. In the meantime, Jade has a job which allows her to pay for childcare and to begin saving for a home for her and her daughter. She is excited about the bright future that lies ahead.




Richard entered the YouthBuild program in January 2015 where he was actively engaged in classes to finish his high school diploma and working part time. In May Richard was given a 30 day notice to vacate his apartment due to the behavior of one of his roommates. Without the financial resources to pay first and last month’s rent and a security deposit for another apartment, Richards’s focus was solely on finding somewhere to live with very few options to consider. His days were spent calling the housing hotline to see if any of the homeless shelters had openings, talking to friends to see if he could stay on their couch, and working with PIC staff to see what options were available to keep him off the streets. Unfortunately his academic pursuits were severely curtailed during this time.

PIC staff connected Richard with Second Step Housing and he was placed in transitional housing in July and began participating in the housing readiness program. Once Richard moved to transitional housing his attendance and effort towards his academic classes sky rocketed.  In May Richard had 69% attendance, but in June his attendance had improved to 96%.  He told his case manager that the stable housing made it much easier to get to school and make it a priority.  Richard has since moved out of transitional housing and is able to afford rent on his own.

Richard has worked hard to put himself in a place of success and continues to thrive.  Stable and safe housing has played a major role in his overall success, and the support from both YouthBuild and the Second Step Housing programs played a key role in Richard’s ability to get and keep a job.