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Donate to PIC

Individuals and families engaged Partners in Careers have been disproportionately impacted by not only poverty, but also the lingering impact of COVID 19. They have faced the loss of employment, increased risk of contracting Covid and the uncertainty of what the future holds. Your support will help strengthen their resolve and build their resiliency to address the barriers they face to employment. 

Partners in Careers (PIC) invests in programs and opportunities that strengthen individuals and families to set them up for future success.  PIC promotes hope for low-income parents who want to create stability for themselves and their children. Provides connections for refugees and immigrants looking for a new life in the United States. Helps house homeless veterans looking for stability after bravely serving our country. Assists youth in exploring career paths and creating plans for life after high school.

Your gift to Partners in Careers through Give More 24 ensures that there will be someone there to respond to their needs and connect them to vital resources. You are truly part of the solution.


Sep 22 2022