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Donna Oglesby

Veteran Services

Donna Oglesby, Veterans Case Manager for the HVRP Program at Partners in Careers. She provides individualized, time-unlimited follow-up supports to Veterans including crisis management, job coaching, counseling, and job support groups to help Veterans maintain Veteran Employment. As a Veteran Case Manager, she takes her work seriously and is committed to performing to the best of her ability. She also values respect and as such, is extremely respectful toward all clients and every single individual at Partners in Careers. Ms. Oglesby philosophy towards work is that it is important to take on new challenges, and activities that make you grow and learn on a regular basis. Donna sits on the DEI Taskforce and CoC Steering Committee for the homeless and seeks fair treatment for all.

Ms. Oglesby is pursuing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. She is currently in The National Society of Leadership and Success. She was also a Drug and Alcohol Counselor in the Navy. Ms. Oglesby is also a Master Training Specialist where she developed curriculum for training purposes.

Donna loves her family and her grandchildren keep her busy. She is always striving to learn continuingly, to learn is to live. She has two dogs Hunter and Maxy who bring her joy every day.

MNCM (AW/SW) Oglesby spent 21 years in the Naval service and retired in 2008. She was the first female to make Master Chief in her rating in the Navy.