Success Stories


After a home situation in Missouri became too difficult to stay, Andrew moved to Vancouver three years ago. He was depressed and felt very unmotivated to work. He discovered Partners in Careers while surfing the web and read the posting for Career Academy.  He was called back the same day and agreed to attend the four workshops. 

His experience was a very positive one.  “This was the first time anyone has ever stuck with me and stood up for me” was how Andrew described the follow up he received even after the workshops were done. His perseverance and refusal to give up eventually lead him to being offered a job with Securitas.

He stated due to his increase in confidence through Career Academy, the new resume he put together and just the belief he had people who believed he could succeed, he is meeting his goals. He is saving for his own apartment and said for the first time, the future looks good.  What does it feel like to be back on his feet? “The paycheck is amazing” he said, with a smile.


A recent divorce left Jennifer with two young children and no income. She had not been employed in several years while spending her time as a stay at home mom. Lacking confidence concerning interviewing and job searching, she was struggling with how she would handle the changes in the job market since she has last worked. Through attending the Career Academy workshops she learned about different strategies on how to represent herself in a positive light and how to highlight the skills and experience she gained while caring for her family. She was connected with resources in the community that helped her sharpen the skills needed in today’s workforce, Goodwill’s Microsoft Classes and Worksource.

Jennifer is now happily employed as the Assistant to the Vice President of a local company making $35,000 a year, working full time with full benefits. She is proud to say she avoided needing government assistance and is able to financially provide for herself and her daughters because of her employment.


Brigitte had been job searching for many months, and had not worked a paying job in at least 20 years. Through attending the Career Academy workshops she realized she had great volunteer experience that she could talk about in interviews, and that her passion for the community and the Earth was something she could also share during an interview.

Brigitte did everything we taught her to prepare for an interview. She followed up with a phone call, and sent a thank you note. Just when she was beginning to doubt herself, she got the call to say she was hired full time at IKEA. WITH BENEFITS. She is so excited to join their team, and be able to socialize and connect with all of their customers. She is especially happy that she happened to be at the right place at the right time, because she never would have heard of this opportunity without PIC!

XiaoMiao Zuo

XiaoMiao Zuo, a mother of two girls, was born and raised in China. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine in China and worked in a hospital for 6 years there. She was a gynecologist specializing in reproductive health before immigrating to the United States of America. She is very proud of the fact that she helped women conceive, enriching and bettering their lives, and that memory is still very vivid in her mind.

She moved to the United States to join her husband who was finishing school at Portland State University in Mechanical Engineering. She became pregnant with their first daughter soon after arriving and has been a housewife since. Every day she dreamt of working in a hospital again.

As her children grew older she discovered she was ready to be a student again. Going back to school drove home the familiar and strange feeling of being a student, this time in a new country. She chose the Pharmacy Technician program at Clark College to help her get back into a hospital and does not view it as the end of her journey.