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Immigrants & Refugees

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) serves individuals through a combination or language learning support, employment placement, required equipment for jobs and training connection when available. Participants are typically connected with local employers within their community, providing on-the-job training and employment. For referrals and program information please contact Irina Tracy at or Maryam Azizpour at

Limited English Proficiency Basic Food, Employment and Training (LEP BFET) serves refugees and immigrants who are not US Citizens. There is no time limit for program eligibility. LEP BFET provides language learning support, work experience, support services, and required equipment for work and training to gain and maintain employment. Participants are supported in the employment and training goals through case management and financial support. For referrals and program information please contact Sofiya Ostap at

“I walk into an interview and I have confidence now. I tell everyone to go to PIC if they don’t know where they’re going.”