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Prior to immigrating to the US with her family, Xiaomiao worked in a hospital in China as a gynecologist, specializing in reproductive health. Her family moved to Clark county so her husband could attend school. The degrees and certifications that Xiaomiao once held in China were not recognized in the US. Xiaomiao managed to find work but she longed to work in healthcare once again.

When her daughters graduated from high school, Xiaomiao began considering pursuing more education so she could continue her career in the medical field. That’s when she discovered the Northwest Promise program. With the support of the Northwest Promise program and PIC staff, Xiaomiao navigated college application and scholarship deadlines and was accepted into the Clark College Pharmacy Technician program. Xiamiao completed her training in Fall 2020. PIC staff worked with her on her resume and partnered with her in searching for a job.

Xiaomiao is now a certified Pharmacy Technician and is working at a pharmacy in Clark county. Xiaomiao is overjoyed to have found Partners in Careers and is excited about her future as a Pharmacy Technician.


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